A student painting a house during one of Ginok's art classes.
A student drawing a life drawing of an apple during and art class.
Three of Ginok's students wearing masks they made in Ginok's art classes.
One of Ginok's students painting a water colour of an apple.
A student practicing her painting skills in one of Ginok's classes.
A student preparing her paint.
One of Ginok's students working on her charcoal drawing of a still life of a wine bottle.
A drawing of oranges, lemons and a pear by one of Ginok's students.
A painting of a bunch of people fishing in ships done by one of Ginok's art students.
A few sketches of faces done by one of Ginok's art students.
A painting in progress by one of Ginok's students.
A water colour and line drawing by one of Ginok's art students.
A green tree painting by one of Ginok's students.
A pink painting of trees by one of Ginok's art students.

Art Classes

Ginok offers classes for both adults and children.

In 1995 Ginok started teaching art in Pusan, South Korea. While Ginok is passionate about her paintings, she is also passionate about her students. She teaches both adults and children of various levels, finding great reward in seeing each person’s artistic development and gaining inspiration from their creativity for her own work.

Ginok finds that teach- ing is very rewarding and brings and added element of creativity to her career.”

In 1995, Ginok started teaching art in Pusan, South Korea. When she moved to Petty Harbour, Newfoundland and Labrador, she opened her classes to the public in 2003. Her teaching method focuses on strong basics and sound principles of drawing and painting. Students who study with Ginok learn to understand the fundamentals of drawing and painting, allowing them capability in executing their artistic vision.

Ginok's program begins with the drawing basics of line and shape then moves onto the painting principles. Elements of experimentation and demonstration in her program help guide students to either realistic or abstract tendency of their artistic vision.

For younger students, Ginok adds elements of an origami, printmaking and collage, giving them various mediums to explore their creative process.

The progress of Ginok’s students is truly remarkable and several of her students have won awards in provincial Arts and Letters competitions.

The intimate learning atmosphere in Ginok’s classes, cultivates artists with both wonderful technique and empowered artistic expression.

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I was introduced to Ginok in September 2011. A mutual friend had told me that she was taking art lessons from this lady, so called and registered for lesson starting September 2011. Before then, about the only thing that I could draw was stick man. Since then, I have painted landscapes, flowers and have done some sketches. Ginok has taught me so much; like how to look beyond the surface colour and look at the many colours there are in the subject that you are painting or drawing. I find myself looking at the clouds, trees and just everything around me differently. I see the many different colours, the depth and forms of theses things that I just didn’t see before. So Ginok doesn’t just teach art lessons but she also teaches how one would see things. I thoroughly enjoy taking lessons from Ginok, it’s so relaxing and she makes everything seem so easy to do. To Ginok, keep up the good work not only do you have a lot to offer in your artwork, you also have a lot to offer in your teachings.

Shelley Humber
St. John’s

I have always had an interest in learning to paint, however, felt it was something I would never do. I enrolled in Ginok's class and found her way of teaching wonderful. I loves how she models the concept she is teaching to each student. She takes all of her student from their level and builds on that. Each class is a great learn experience and it is so wonderful to see all the different projects the students are working on. I find the Ginok's art class the most relaxing part of my week. With Ginok's guidance I have beeen able to paint many pictures that a couple of years ago I would not have even tried.

Rhodie Anne Woodland
St. John's

My daughters have been students of Ginok's for many years. She has a gentle, intellectual approach to her instruction, and I have seen my children progress from stick figures to beautiful works of art. She always encourages them to their best, but always offers tips or constructive criticism if needed. It is clear to me that my daughters have a great respect and admiration for Ginok, as do I. She is excellent teacher and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

Debbie Lee