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Ginok Song

Ginok Song in Stacy Gardner’s short film The Gaze

The View (detail)

Night Harbour (detail), from In Her Eyes

Tight Rope (detail), from In Her Eyes

Excursion (detail), from In Her Eyes

Ginok Song is a Korean-Canadian visual artist who lives and works in Petty Harbour, Newfoundland & Labrador.

About Ginok

Recent Work

Oil on canvas
24 × 36″

New Work


My artistic goal is to create contemporary magic realist paintings that represent women, specifically those who experience transition, adaptation, and self-knowledge underlying memories of trauma and old identity.

Oil on canvas
28 × 40″

In Her Eyes


In this series, women are the subjects themselves, who represent their thoughts and experiences from their own points of view. Inspired by courageous women, I express the embodied perspectives and experiences of how women choose to move, explore and live in Newfoundland and Labrador.


News Archives

The Gaze on CBC Gem

Ginok Song is the subject of Stacy Gardner’s short film The Gaze, which was part of the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival and Reel East Coast, and is currently streaming on CBC Gem! You can find it on Reel East Coast Season 9, Episode 4. “As the film begins, Song turns around to look… Read More

CBC Making Home Here Interview

Ginok was featured on CBC’s Here and Now with Anthony Germain, discussing the group exhibition Making Home Here, at The Rooms.

Older Work

Memory Fragments


I want to examine visually a woman’s psychological state, one that recollects memory fragments of detachment and difference. In my work, I investigate the experience of visualizing a woman’s memory.

Young Reflections


This series serves as an introspective exploration of girlhood, delving into the psychological spaces of uncertainty and self-discovery.

춤(Chum)-Painted Dance


In the Chum-Painted Dance series, I delve into the realm of dance movements, yet diverge from a strict adherence to specific styles such as tango or waltz. Instead, my focus lies on a diverse array of embracing figures, each capturing an essence of togetherness.

Two Hearts


The Two Hearts series delves into the intimate embrace of human figures, serving as the central theme. These figures intertwine in moments of embrace, dance, or repose, each rendered in a myriad of colours to convey their emotional and psychological depths.

안창마을 – Through the Window


On a spring’s day, I embarked on a journey to document and sketch the old neighbourhood of An-Chang Mayul in Pusan. Known locally as Daldongnae (Moon Village), this community nestled atop a hill, a relic of the Korean War era, built by refugees drawn to its lunar-like elevation.

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