Quiet Observation Artist Statment

Quiet Observation

Quiet Observation is a series of paintings that explore various forms of loss and loneliness. After leaving my home in Korea and becoming a new Canadian, I feel that part of who I was disappeared. Although Canada is a great country, and every day I become more aware of all the great things that it has to offer, I still feel as if I’ve lost a part of my identity and the connection I felt with my beloved country of Korea.

All people are fundamentally the same and want the same things; however, the place where we grow up, and the culture that makes people who they are, is deeply embedded in our being. For these reasons, and others, people feel disconnected from who and what they are becoming - good or bad.

It's this transitional period, expressed in body language, that I want to paint. I wish to capture the gestures that express loss: loss of self, loss of loved ones, loss of innocence, loss of relationships. If my paintings can somehow allow the viewer to relate, maybe my personal feelings of disconnect will not seem so vast.

I wish to capture the gestures that express loss ..."